How to find your size

  1. Bend to either side to find your natural waist and measure 4" down. If you have a long waist, measure approximately 6" down.
  2. Take your measurement around and check the chart for your Jackie G-String size.

How to put on your

  1. Lay the g-string with the tags facing up.
  2. With the rhinestones facing up, use the "lobster claws" to hook the rhinestone strand to the left side and tail of the g-string. The right side of the g-string is attached by the strong magnet.
  3. To put the g-string on, unhook the magnet, slip your g-string on, and attach the magnet.
  4. Adjust the sliders on both sides until the g-string fits comfortably. The g-string should fit snug, but not too tight. 


Size                                                    Measurement
Petite w/ 19" rhinestone strand          29" to 32"
Extra Small w/ 19" rhinestone strand  29" to 32"
Small w/ 19" rhinestone strand           32" to 38"
Medium w/ 19" rhinestone strand       34" to 42"
Large w/ 19" rhinestone strand           48" to 49"
Curvy  w/ 19" rhinestone strand          42" to 57"
Extra Curvy w/ 32" rhinestone strand 55" to 70"

Photography by  Jerome Hamilton

Photography by Jerome Hamilton



The Decorative Safety Chain allows extra support for the magnetic clasp on smaller sizes